Understatand the 40 Developmentatal Assets framework

• Address the needs of Houston’s multicultural  population
• Bridge the gap between generations
• Engage all for a safe, drug-free Houston
• Increase assets in youth
• Strengthen families and parenting skills

 What are the 40 Developmental Assets?

The Search Institute has identified 40 concrete positive experiences and qualities that everyone can use to improve the lives of youth. These are called Developmental Assets. The 40 Assets powerfully influence adolescent behavior by protecting young people from risky behavior and by promoting positive attitudes and choices. Created in 1990, the Asset framework is grounded in research based in on childhood and adolescent development, risk prevention, and resiliency.

Why is building Assets so Important?

Evidence based research proves that the more assets that we develop in youth, the less likely they are to make harmful or unhealthy choices (i.e., alcohol use, drug use, violence, sexual activity and dropping-out of school). In addition, new studies across a wide range of students suggest that Developmental Assets play a significant role in academic achievement.


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